When should I arrive to Positano?

  • Arrival: We recommend arriving in Positano no later than Tuesday, August 24th (arriving in Europe by Sunday, August 22nd as noted above). The wedding is on Wednesday, August 25th.

  • Departure: This is up to you, but as detailed below we have two incredible days planned after the wedding on Thursday and Friday. We would love for you to be there if you can make it. If attending both, that means a Saturday, August 28th departure from Positano at the earliest.


I'm traveling before and/or after. How do I get a COVID test?

There are several pharmacies that offer rapid COVID tests. Please do ample research before you travel on what is required before entering a country. As of now, if you are traveling from the US, you must be vaccinated or have a negative PCR COVID test. 

How do I get from Naples to Positano?

Especially after a long international trip, the best way to get to Positano is by car service or taxi. The taxi is not cheap and will be 90€ - 110€ each way. It is about a 1hr 20min ride. You can also rent a car, see below for further considerations. Once we get closer to the wedding, we will try to figure out when people are arriving and see if it makes sense for people to share a car or taxi to save on cost.

Do I need a car?

You do not need a car unless you really want to have one. Reasons for having a car would mainly be: 1.) if you are staying in the Amalfi Coast for a week, then it could make sense to have a car if you wanted to visit other cities such as Ravello, Amalfi, Praino, etc. However, it is also possible to travel by bus, ferry or taxi to other cities. 2.) if you wanted to drive to other areas in Italy, such as visiting Pompeii on your way to or away from the Amalfi Coast. Please note that driving around the Amalfi Coast is quite challenging with narrow and windy roads, we would not recommend it unless you have experience in driving in foreign countries. Overnight parking in Positano is roughly 25€.

Where is your wedding registry?

We don’t have one. We are asking for no gifts. Your gift to us is your attendance!


Anything important I need to bring?

Make sure your passport is up to date. Aside from that, pack attire for the wedding, pool party, and yacht day.


How will the weather be?

The highs will likely be 80-87, but could be anywhere between 75 - 90+. There is not a ton of humidity and at night it will stay in the 70’s and dropping to the mid 60’s at the coldest point. Given the heat, we do recommend booking a hotel with a pool.


Where should I go to the beach?

While Positano is on the water, it is not a beach town in the classical sense. Positano is a bit unique in that you should plan out your beach day in advance. If you want a beach day, we recommend going to Bagni D’Arienzo Beach Club or One Fire Beach for the day. Both of these locations require a reservation as well as a 5-10 minute free boat ride, but they are better than the main beach in Positano. You also have the option of booking a lounge chair in the main beach area of Positano. Italian beaches are different than the US in that, for the most part, you must pay to book a day bed or lounge chair, we highly recommend you adapt and set this as your expectation for a beach day. There is a free public beach in Positano, however, we would caution against it as it’s not in the best area and gets hot without shade.​​

What restaurants do you recommend?
There is plenty of great food in Positano! For dinner, we recommend making reservations 1-3 weeks in advance for any of the nice restaurants. If you’re looking for a nice dinner we would recommend exploring restaurants not near the water as they can tend to be touristy. But if you do your research you can find some great spots, below are a few places we recommend: 





Great spot for breakfast or lunch and a nice variety from traditional Italian food. This spot has a very trendy interior design with lots of plants. It features a variety of foods and has a focus in smoothies, bowls, and vegan-friendly foods (also non-vegan options).





On the scenic path connecting Positano’s two beaches, this restaurant features outdoor views with a spectacular view. The view is better than the food, but the food is still above average. The menu is seafood-heavy but also features salads, pizzas, and meat entrees. It’s popular, so try to book ahead or go during off-hours.



Fresh seafood on the beach! Only reachable by boat (free for restaurant guests). You must make reservations. You can also book a day bed and spend the day on the beach and then have lunch here.



Relaxed beach with a nice restaurant. You will need a reservation for a daybed and lunch at their restaurant, it is a 5-10 minute free boat ride from Positano. This is not like an American beach club, much more relaxed. Plan to spend 3-5 hours here, expect a relaxing day at the beach in chairs and take a break for lunch and wine in their restaurant.



A more active day/beach club. You will need a reservation for a daybed, it is a 5-10 minute free boat ride from Positano. Instead of an actual beach, this place has a built on top of a concrete slab. Come here for drinks, music, swimming, and their famous late afternoon watermelon cutting. The food is better at Da Adolfo and Bagni d’Arienzo Beach Club, but the scene is more lively here.





One of our favorite restaurants, reservations highly recommended. This is a very stylish restaurant that has a very sleek and hip vibe. It serves freshly made, regionally sourced dishes prepared creatively.



Max’s is an active and cozy restaurant and wine bar located on a charming alleyway near the central area of Positano. A mix of wine bar and bistro-style restaurant, a rotating menu of seasonal specialties is served in the dining room and lounge. Reservations are highly recommended.



Great staple restaurant that is slightly outside the tourist scene. Nice ambiance on the inside and outside dining available, food is very solid. Would recommend a reservation a few days to week in advance but with a group of 6 or less you can likely get in with a 30-60 minute wait.



This is the restaurant at Hotel Poseidon. The view from the terrace where this is located is one of the most amazing views in Positano! Look in advance, two nights a week they offer live music and a gourmet pizza chef. Insider tip: plan to come here for a cocktail on the terrace for sunset before having dinner.



Slightly outside of the tourist area, this restaurant has amazing views and food that matches. Would highly recommend reserving a table outside as it has an incredible view of Positano.



We have not been here but have seen a lot of reviews that recommend it as an experience. It is a family-style and authentic experience (multi-course with no menu). The location is up in the hills so they have a shuttle service should you make a reservation. They also have the option of cooking classes during the day if that is of interest. Reservation highly recommended.





Franco's Bar is a high-end roof terrace bar with a hip and happening vibe. Make sure to come early as this place hits capacity early, especially well before sunset.



The only club in Positano. This is the place to go to after 11pm. It features international DJ’s and is on the water built into the rocks.

What else?

  • Coordinate your travel with friends!

  • We encourage you to travel to other destinations in Europe, there are so many great spots!! Everyone has their own preferences but a few places we really like: 

    • The Greek Islands - for fancy hotels and beautiful views

    • Colmar in France - in the Alsace region, this is a hidden gem that is off the beaten track travel with great food, wine, culture, and biking to wineries

    • Villefranche Sur la Mar - for a very chill spot on the French Riviera, go to beach clubs or take the train to other cities. We specifically recommend the Welcome Hotel.