Amalfi Coast

We highly recommend that you book your accommodations as soon as possible. It’s the first thing you should book. Hotels will sell out well in advance (sometimes 8-10 months in advance). Additionally, pricing will only increase as the date approaches. Make sure you understand the cancellation policy when booking (many cancellation policies have been modified post-COVID), however, hotels and Airbnbs often have favorable cancellation provisions, so there should be no downside to booking now.


Hotel Marincanto ($425+) This is the main hotel we are recommending to people. It has a very nice pool, which will be refreshing given it will be hot this time of year. There is an onsite restaurant, bar, and a very nice breakfast is included. There are a total of 32 rooms, so book soon. It is a 20-minute walk to Villa Oliviero. Note: 2021 is not yet available for reservations, we contacted the hotel and they plan to open reservations for 2021 online in late September. If you're interested in staying here, we would recommend booking in late September or October.


Hotel Poseidon ($575+) We have stayed here twice and it is one of our favorite places. The hotel has a great pool deck with a relaxed and chill vibe. There is an onsite bar, restaurant, and a very nice breakfast is included. There is a lot of character to this hotel with unique furniture and art. It is a 25-minute walk to Villa Oliviero.


Hotel La Bougainville ($230+) A small family-run hotel with bright and warm colors. Breakfast is included. It is located very central to the main area of town where the restaurants and shops are. It is a 15-20 minute walk to Villa Oliviero. 


Il Moro di Positano ($270+) A small 6 room bed and breakfast. Slightly above the town with excellent views. It is a 15-minute walk to Villa Oliviero.


There are plenty of other great hotels in Positano for various budgets. Feel free to stay wherever you wish. There is no need to stay at the above-recommended hotels. I would recommend TripAdvisor for hotel reviews.


There are some great Airbnb options in Positano as well. If you are trying to maintain a budget, or want something private, this might be your best route. You can book an Airbnb by yourself or link up with a few people. Be cautious of booking too far away from the main strip. Positano has a lot of stairs so staying too high up can create a daily hike that becomes exhausting. Book early!

If you want to coordinate with a group of friends you can book your very own private villa, this will require a lot of coordination well in advance. Most villas will require a week-long stay and can range between $350 per room per night up to $800+. A villa will give you privacy and a kitchen and can be a good option for a group. Many villas will include a chef and some include pools. There are plenty of articles on villas you can find via a Google search or look on on VRBO of Airbnb. Again, supply is limited so book early. Note that Villas will book out even more in advance than hotels, so start messaging friends now to coordinate. Also, make sure to understand the cancellation provisions! 


On that note, if you are considering a villa, let us know. Our planner can assist. To give you some ideas of villas with pools in varying price ranges you can look up Villa Graziella, Villa Pamina, Villa Iside, or Villa Mariarosario. On the upper end of the price range and a bit extravagant, Villa dei Fisici or Villa Mon Repos are good options. Lastly, please make sure you are working directly with the villa or a formal booking agent. There are numerous third party listings under alternative villa names, which makes it a bit confusing.